Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We have a skeleton.

We are just over two weeks in and dear Mister Close has a skeleton.  Yippeee.  Coming from two guys that have never built a house or really renovated anything it has been a huge learning curve, but we finally can see it all coming together.  We have another 4 weeks to go and we are there.  We can put on our smart little aprons, fire up the two spanky black coffee machines, start cooking and meet our "adoring" public.  I have been wondering what to blog about to be honest.  No one really wants to read about our frustrations, self doubt and the delays we have encountered (well, not any more).  It is all about Mister Close now – what we have planned and the fact that we are peeing our pants in anticipation (not every day, we are grown men after all). 
It is such a bloody good feeling to know that all those hundreds of elements we have been working on for the last 6 to 12 months are all about to come together.  So now, as it stands on April 14 we are starting to talk to staff, our website has been developed (but not up yet), the menu has been fine tuned and everything is falling into place. 

The level of respect we now have for anyone who builds a business from the ground up is immense.  However the best feeling of all is when you are the throws of planning and talking about the fine details of the business.  I look over to Pete (a guy I have been mates with for 28 years) and think to myself I can't believe we are doing this together.  It is a bit of an out of body experience because not only do I have an overwhelming level of pride that we are still friends, but the fact that we are good business partners is spectacular.  Now let’s get on with it...