Monday, February 28, 2011

March 1 and we are still waiting...

Ok, so I am going to be completely honest...we are still bloody waiting.  Waiting on our tenancy to be handed over so we can start building Mister Close.  It is a nail-biting time because our grand plan was that we were going to start trading the first week of March.  Sure, we have watched Grand Designs and have had friends and family build homes that never go to the proposed timeline, but that would never happen to us.  SHIT HAPPENS, but it is also completely unforeseen and something out of our control.  So while it is not ideal it is giving us more time to plan, explore different suppliers, talk to many more cafe owners about their experiences and take all the steps we possibly can to make sure we open our doors with the best products and service we possibly can.  Paralysis through Analysis - is certainly a possibility, but we really believe in each other and know that every time we pick something apart it will be even better when we put it back together again.  So long as we don't dissect too many elements of Mister Close.

MMMM so what is new in our incarnation of Mister Close?  Gunmetal coloured coffee machines (a 2 and 3 group thanks very much).  We are working on our own blends of coffee (regular and strong - we want to keep it simple stupid)...  The development of our Sanger, Salad and Sweeety lunch box (shut up! no you shut up!).  Working closely with Creative Order who have taken Fiona's magnificent illustration and are incorporating it into our branding.  Signage, sourcing maps for walls, if I see another chair again I will burst, biodegradable cups, free range chooks, slowly gathering staff - but the best thing about it is that every time Peter and I (James) talk at length about Mister Close we get so damn excited.  We know we are doing the right thing, we know our hearts and passion are in the right spot and we know we are going to offer food, coffee, service and an experience you can't find in this part of Melbourne.  Pretty cool when you take stock of your friendship which is now a business partnership and you realise how much you respect each other.  In some weird way you think to yourself, perhaps this is the reason we met in the first place.  So while we are currently not in a "perfect world situation"- time can be a good thing.  Note to self - don't drink during the day or watch Kerry Ann Kennerly, that's a bad thing.  6 weeks to go (we hope) and counting.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Well Hello Handsome

He is almost ready to go.  The final designs are in and Mister Close is looking very handsome indeed.  While you can't really get an idea of the textures we are using (think rough / rustic wood, clean tiles - we hate dirty ones, concrete floors and ridiculously good looking staff).  The pic will give you an idea of how Mister Close will present himself to people walking by on Swanston Street.  The Black void above the floating ceiling is a high, exposed ceiling that the cafe will sit under.  Mister Close will seat around 65 to 70 people.  There is still quite a lot of fine detail to work out, but all I can say is I can't wait to get stuck into one of our Organic Stuffed Roast Chicken Rolls on Farmers Rye with rocket and home made Mayo, we know - YUM. 

Website coming soon...  can't wait for you all to meet Mister Close in person.  He is getting very excited.