Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Well Hello Handsome

He is almost ready to go.  The final designs are in and Mister Close is looking very handsome indeed.  While you can't really get an idea of the textures we are using (think rough / rustic wood, clean tiles - we hate dirty ones, concrete floors and ridiculously good looking staff).  The pic will give you an idea of how Mister Close will present himself to people walking by on Swanston Street.  The Black void above the floating ceiling is a high, exposed ceiling that the cafe will sit under.  Mister Close will seat around 65 to 70 people.  There is still quite a lot of fine detail to work out, but all I can say is I can't wait to get stuck into one of our Organic Stuffed Roast Chicken Rolls on Farmers Rye with rocket and home made Mayo, we know - YUM. 

Website coming soon...  can't wait for you all to meet Mister Close in person.  He is getting very excited.

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