Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All Boarded up with no place to go....

The transformation slowly begins.  The landlord's works have started to turn what is now an ugly office space into a handsome Mister Close.  I must admit - I have never built anything before except some quite excellent villages made out of lego for very small people, so this whole building process is full on.  Our tenders are due in this Friday and then our side of the build starts next week.  Our super architects Russell & George are a godsend.  Pete and I just saw all the materials that will be used to make Mister Close come alive and we are quite excited.  Mix this with bio-degradeable takeawy packaging, apron designs and material, what mini chopping board will we serve sandwhiches on, what will our website, menus and branding look like and how many cash registers do we need, you can pretty much guess what we have been doing for the last 2 days. 

A big thanks for all the support thrown our way as we get closer (pardon the pun) to Mister Close finally taking form.  The wig shop from out the front of our place is gone and now we have spanky new white boards with a little door in the middle... how very grown up.


  1. Yeah. Very exciting. Can't wait to see 'the reveal'. Trace x