Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What are we all about?

Mister Close is the result of two school mates, who met in 1983.  James English (me) and Peter Knowles.   So we have known each other for 28 years and who would have thought that in 2011 we open our dream business together.  That is all about us - the rest is fairly boring... now onto our dream.  Enter Mister Close...  After honing his skills through owning the succesful Arcadia Cafe on Gertrude Street, Melbourne for over 6 years Pete was determined to expand.  Knowing it has been my lifelong dream (ever since reading Charles Forte's biography in 1989) he approached me to help him with that expansion.  Cooking is Pete's passion while kick arse customer service and satisfaction along with running a successfully growing business is mine.  Pete is focussing now on his first city venuture, while I sadly resigned from my corporate life (I loved my job, but this opportunity is too incredible) of over 15 years to run with this.  We have been planning this for over 12 months and in March we see it materialise in the shape of a brand spanking new cafe in the middle of the city called Mister Close (as in not far).

So the next two months will be building, hiring fantastic staff, finalising our ever-changing menu, developing new ways to service our customers and working hard to bring an exciting eat-in, takeaway and catering experience to central Melbourne.  Where are we?  Glad you asked...

We will be on the corner of Bourke and Swanston Streets, next to the T-life store, right inside the arcade to Midtown Plaza (above Readings and Dick Smith). 

How are we feeling? (you didn't ask this but I am going to tell you).... excited, exhilerated, petrified, inspired and we simply can't wait to show you what we have in store.  I am a mad attention to detail guy, and Pete is an incredible master of food...  Our coffee is from a small roaster in Tassie and stay tuned for the rest.

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