Monday, January 10, 2011

Is it all about the coffee?

Can a cafe be as serious about their coffee as they are their food?  Well we are taking all the steps to make sure Mister Close is.  Peter K, our master of food, since taking over Arcadia, Gertrude Street came in contact with a Tasmanian boutique coffee roaster called Clique Coffee.  These guys are so passionate about their coffee is is inspiring.  Just by bringing the word 'coffee' up in coversation can have you sitting there for hours soaking in what Dane ( Head Roaster Guy and co-owner) has to say.  After tasting Clique Coffee's offering it came very apparent that we had no choice - it was fantastic.  Not only are we dedicated to supporting other small businesses, but when you come across a company that is so dedicated to the quality of their product it is a no brainer. 

We are so excited to have Clique Coffee on board and to be able to introduce Melbourne to our house blend and ever changing single origin beans that are selected from all over the world and roasted in Tasmania.  So while we have been preparing our menu for months we have not let the ball drop on our coffee.  We have two machines, 3 grinders and two Baristas on order - now we just need a cafe and hundreds of smiling, satisfied friends of Mister Close.  nom nom nom nom

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  1. Can't wait... Go boys. Fire up the grinders and rev up the Baristas.