Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Perhaps May 23 or May 24 or perhaps May 25

For years I have heard other people talk about building homes or opening businesses and there have always been delays.  I think Mister Close has had his fair share of delays.  We proudly take possession of him tomorrow (May 19).  The plan was to work our sweet little batooties (is that a word?) off and softly launch on May 21.  It all comes down to the power - oh don't worry we have power, enough to run a few computers, a photo copier, some lights and a ghetto blaster.  Big problem is that WE ARE NOT A TRAVEL AGENCY.  We happen to be a cafe who signed a lease back on 2010 stating our electricity needs.  Now almost 6 months later it was discovered we don't have the 120 amps agreed upon, we are still running on the needs of an AAT Kings office. 

Problem rectified by our magnificent (new) property managers, however it is like buying a brand new Cliff Richard Album and and not being able to play it or a hypercolour tshirt and your breath isn't hot enough for it to change colour miraculously (not that it has ever happened to me).  So come tomorrow we will be washing dishes without any other appliances on, we will then be able to turn on the cool room and stand in it for effect which should be fun - then turn it off so we can wash some more dishes.  All we need now is for Origin to place the job and city power to make it a priority so they can come and wack a meter on our power.  Then we can use everything at once and open for business.  The only thing is - we dont know when that would be.  I was told 2 days, 5 days or up to 15 days however the guy who told me that latter exclaimed that he is being recorded and has to tell me that it is a possibility. 

When you have food that could spoil and a kitchen that can't work at full capacity it makes it hard, but then add on top of that people who are waiting in the wings to give you them all and help us make Mister Close ace - you just have to make the call.  So we did.  While we are still hopeful and could possibly open our doors to all day coffee and muffins - the reality is that we most likely won't.  So CLOSE but yet so far. 

Once again an out pouring of love goes to all our incredible family and friends for being so very supportive.  Our partners Fi and Ian have been so patient and understanding.  thank you thank you thank you...we are almost there. 

I am so playing wired for sound by Cliff Richard when we first open.  He was a genius!

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